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Ukrainian Federation of Informatics

Ukrainian Federation of Informatics (UFI) was established in 1991 on the initiative of Academician of the National Academy of Sciences Professor Volodymyr Serhiyovych Mykhalevych. From the moment of its creation UFI has actively performed activities on popularization of Information Technologies in Ukraine in an orderly manner. UFI carries out its activities through organization of various seminars, exhibitions, participation in scientific and practical conferences, representation in the public administration system.

Representation in different organizations

UFI actively performs lawmaking activities through participating in development of draft laws pertaining to Information Technologies. UFI experts took an active part in preparation of more than ten legal acts. UFI members were among those who developed the government informatization program adopted in 1998, prepared legal acts governing certain informatics sections, in particular information storage and protection, application of Information Technologies in education and budget process. Apart from this, UFI expresses its viewpoint on issues relating to introduction of the digital signature and e-commerce in Ukraine, electronic documents management, etc. UFI members are among participants of various state and public committees and organizations, in particular, the National Informatization Committee, Communication and Informatization Advisory Committee at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, public association Electronic Ukraine and others.

Professional Ethics

When joining UFI one must strictly observe the Ethical Principles of UFI.

Computer Literacy

International Cooperation

Having introduced substantial internal staff changes UFI has specified its goal as to actively stimulate the international cooperation and activities on establishing partnerships with national organizations in the IT sphere. In 2003, UFI filed an application for participation with the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies – CEPIS. CEPIS maintains close relations with the European Commission and different European Union structures. CEPIS is an unprofitable organization and has a status of advisory body at the European Council.

UFI actively collaborates in the field of science cooperating with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and, in particular, with the Informatics Department.