IFIP Board meeting 911 March 2017 in Kyiv

By IFIP Board Decision in March 2016 in response to an offer of leadership of Ukrainian Federation of Informatics (UFI) as a venue for the next regular meeting of the IFIP 911 March 2017 was chosen Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

During the whole history of the IFIP Board meeting was held for the first time in Ukraine. This event allowed the IT Communities of Ukraine, teachers and students get first hand information on IFIP.
The meeting of the IFIP Board was attended by most of the leaders and members of the Board from IFIP member countries, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Costa Rica, UK and Ukraine.
To IFIP Board meeting Ukrainian Federation of Informatics in cooperation with IFIP leadership by support of the Committee for Informatization and Communications of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Association “IT Ukraine”, the leading IT companies in Ukraine prepared a series of events, held in Kiev 911 March 2017 at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts and in laboratories of IT-companies Miratech and Luxoft.
Within the international event, students and teaching staff of the universities of Ukraine had the opportunity to communicate with the leaders of IFIP on topical issues on the development and application of IT and listen to lectures of famous scientists members of the IFIP Board:
Yuko Murayama (IFIP Vice President) Professor, Faculty of Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan. Trust Issues in Disaster Communications
Declan Brady, (IFIP Honorary Treasurer), National University of Ireland, Maynooth Professional Ethics Pillar or Pillory?
Kai Rannenberg, (IFIP Vice President), Dr. Goethe University Frankfurt, Deutsche Telekom Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany Privacy-Friendly and Trustworthy Identity Management with Attribute-Based Credentials and Redactable Signatures.
During the event held a panel discussion, during which Jerzy Nawrocki, Councillor IFIP (Poland), Raimundo Macêdo, Councillor IFIP (Brazil), UFI permanent representative in IFIP General Assembly Igor Grebennik, KNUKiM President M.Poplavsky and Head of the Department of Computer Science Olena Chaykovska discussed problems and prospects of the digital transformation of society pressing issues of IT education institutes sociocultural interaction in electronic space.
Within the event there was a meeting of the IFIP Board and Ukrainian IT-community in the laboratories of leading IT-companies Miratech and Luxoft. It was attended by representatives of UFI, Ukrainian IT-education and IT-business. Management of UFI was represented by academician NAS of Ukraine Alexander Palagin, heads of committees and working groups UFI I.Grebennik, V.Dubovoy, T.Kovalyuk, O.Oksiyuk, O.Chaykovska. Among the participants of the meeting the heads of companies EPAM-Ukraine Yury Antaniuk, Miratech Nikolay Royenko, Luxoft Ukaine Oleksandra Alkhimovych, Head of secretariat of the Committee for Informatization and Communications of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Starinets.
Nikolay Royenko and Oleksandra Alkhimovych in their reports presented activities, indicators and the key projects of IT-companies Miratech and Luxoft Ukraine.
The speakers were:
Michael Hinchey (IFIP President) Director at the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero), a multi-university research centre headquartered at the University of Limerick, Ireland IFIP overview;
Max Bramer (IFIP Vice President) Emeritus Professor of Information Technology, University of Portsmouth, UK Artificial Intelligence;
Franz Rammig (IFIP Councillor) Professor for informatics at Universität Paderborn (UoP), Germany “Designing Self-Adaptive Embedded Real-time Software Towards System Engineering of Self-Adaptation”.
Yury Antaniuk (President of IT-Association of Ukraine) Survey of Ukrainian IT-industry.
In the discussion that arose after reports of the participants raised issues of convergence of interests of business, education, science and government, improving the quality of education in information technology, support of initiative and talented youth.
Representatives of the Ukrainian IT-community and IFIP management discussed plans for long-term and effective international cooperation and carrying out in Ukraine international IT-events under the auspices of IFIP. Among the initiatives made by the Ukrainian side arrange two the largest global forums in Ukraine. The first World Computer Congress (WCC) the most important event in the world of IT development, the second World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR).

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