On the International scientific and practical conference “Software Engineering 2015″

On the International scientific and practical conference “Software Engineering 2015″!

Ministry of Education and Science ofUkraine

NationalAcademyof Sciences ofUkraine


Institute of Advanced Technologies

Department of Software Engineering

Association “ITUkraine”

Ukrainian Federation of Informatics


Registration and details here http://seconf.livenau.net/about.html

The conference “Software Engineering 2015″ held annually since 2005 and combines graduate students, representatives of education, science and manufacturing companies.

Delegates have the opportunity to publish the results of their research, learn about the latest advances in software engineering, meet new software products and trends in the software market in Ukraine and abroad, receiving information from “first hand” – from company representatives.

Knowledge areas: science, education, career, products and technology.

Live communication with the speakers and representatives of renowned IT – companies.

Competitions, prizes.

Cultural and entertainment.

Scientific and practical directions of the conference:

Theoretical Foundations of Software Engineering.

Empirical software engineering.

Maintenance and evolution of software.

Domain Engineering.

Collective development of software.

Testing, Validation and veriikatsiya software.

Assessment of costs and the cost of the software.

The quality of software.

Improving the processes of software life cycle.

Technologies software development.


Project management.

Education and engineering software.

Standards and software engineering.

Protect and software engineering.

Internet and software engineering.

Databases, knowledge bases, and software engineering.

Applications and software domains.

Technological directions of the conference:

Development and maintenance of software

Group dynamics




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